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  • Educated Onions

    Educated Onions

    Games, Art, Music, Social Media, and all their fun quirks. I have many opinions, and do my best to support it with fun research! Let’s talk — about everything!

  • Joao Azevedo

    Joao Azevedo

  • Paul Lombardo

    Paul Lombardo

    Journalist writing mainly about video games and the stories they tell // Student at the University of Florida

  • Francisco Carlos Azevedo Meireles

    Francisco Carlos Azevedo Meireles

  • Bob Farrigan

    Bob Farrigan

    UX Lead at Wells Fargo XD - Visual/UI/IxD/UX/web/icon/motion. Dedicated bit herder, pixel worker, photo chopper, DIYer, gamer, husband, and dad.

  • Julian Woodyard

    Julian Woodyard

    A creative writer that focuses on gaming articles, narrative designing, and everything else in-between. https://roundaboutj.blog/

  • siraniks


    Self-thought #Blender Artist, CG Enthusiast, Web Designer / Half-cook Dev, and Gamer

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